House Plans SA

House Plans SA is an accomplished architectural firm that offers comprehensive expertise ranging from Sustainable Residential homes to Large Commercial Developments. Prioritising client satisfaction above all else ensures that each client’s very unique criteria results in design excellence through harmoniously integrating; quality, innovation, ecology, functionality and elegance. To further improve the client’s experience, House Plans SA offers additional services such as Project Management, Structural Engineering, Sustainability, Interior Design, Construction, Shopfitting, Construction Supplies, Development and Investment Opportunities.

Pre-Drawn Building Plan Services

We have a pre-drawn plan section. This offers you the opportunity to choose the right plan for your dream home. What’s more, we have a building plan to meet almost all requirements!

Need to find the right building plans for you? House Plans SA offers comprehensive services to assist in this endeavour.

Plan Amendments and Adjustments

You may want to remodel your home by adding another storey, bathroom, or patio. Remodelling will need well-thought out house plans. To this end, we can assist you in drawing up the right building plans that adhere to council standard.

These changes are more than a financial investment. They are also an emotional investment. Indeed, a home brings life-long memories and happiness to you and your family. So, it makes sense to get the right architectural plans for the job.

Site Plans

Buying a building plan will need approval by your Local Authority. Making amendments means that your plans will need approval as well. To gain this approval, you will need a site plan.

A site plan is essentially a layout of the land on which the building lies. As well as an architectural plan, we can assist you with drawing up a site plan for a minimal cost.

3D Rendering

As is standard with our building plans, we can supply a 3D visual of your home. Viewing your house in 3D format is often a great way to spark new ideas, and get the creative juices flowing.

This is useful, as it can be difficult to visualise what your home will look like simply by looking at the architectural plans. By giving you a photo-realistic visual, we can provide you with this opportunity.

You’ll be able to walk through your dream home, and make amendments while you still can!

As standard we supply you with a 3D visual of your House.

Local Authority Plan Submissions

After your building plan gets drawn up, it will need approval by your Local Authority. To this end, House Plans SA can assist you with the process of getting it approved.

We can offer high-definition 3D renderings of your home.

We are able to assist with a wide range of drawings you may need, these include:

  • House plans
  • New Dwelling home plans
  • Additions to existing
  • Alterations to existing home
  • Re-draw existing building plans
  • Site Plans
  • Site Development Plans
  • Minor Building work drawings
  • Electrical plans
  • Fire plans
  • Floor plans
  • Shop floor plan layouts
  • Building Plans
  • Home Plans
  • Building plan submissions
  • 2nd Dwelling Applications
  • Building line encroachment applications
  • Consent to use applications
  • Bed and Breakfast/ B&B’s applications

Want to find out how we can assist you with building plans? Contact House Plans SA today!