10 Tips for Buying House Plans Online

Part Two

In our previous article, we had a look at some crucial requirements for buying a house plan online. We also looked at a few necessary aspects of getting house plan approval. Here, we will dig deeper into buying and approving house plans.

Consider the Conditions of Your Plot

Architects usually pay special attention to any physical conditions that may exist on your property. They do this well before proceeding with other aspects of the design, such as layout sketches. As such, it’s important for you to consider the existing site conditions of your plot. Before choosing a house plan online, account for the following:

  • Existing trees, rock outcroppings, etc.
  • Sun’s north/south orientation. This will affect which parts of the home will get the most sunlight.
  • Restrictions to plot access. These could include street poles, electricity boxes, and more.
  • Position and orientation of existing neighbour’s properties.
  • Ground slope.

These also fall within many regulations as set out by local municipalities. Be sure to adhere to them to gain house plan approval!

Single Storey House 3D Render
Architects will need to know about any physical conditions that exist on your plot. They need to note things like trees, ground slope, and plot access restrictions .

Consider Architectural Styling Before Choosing a House Plan Online

Most businesses will provide plans in different architectural styles. For you, this means you can choose from many categories to suit your own tastes and preferences. Keep in mind, you will need to be careful that the design you choose is appropriate. Approving house plans also means your chosen style must adhere with local laws.

Your local municipality may reject your chosen design for any number of reasons. This can also apply if you live in a residential complex or estate. When choosing a house plan online, try to create a shortlist of a few different designs. Then, see which ones are best suited to your needs.

Practicality is Essential, and Necessary for Approving House Plans

Remember, it may be difficult to find a house plan that suits your every need and want. Even using an architect dedicated to designing your perfect home, you may not get what you want. If this happens, be willing to trade off certain aspects of the design. This is especially true if that aspect will prevent your local council from approving house plans.

For example, a specific factor in your design may be illegal on your plot. This will make getting house plan approval impossible. You and your architect will need to compromise on some features and items. This way, you can achieve a more realistic and legal design.

Consider Room Sizes

If you buy a house plan online, remember that it needs to have rooms of the right size. You can get a good sign of what sizes you’ll need by measuring the rooms in your current home.

For example, if you think a room that’s 3 meters wide will feel too small, break out the measuring tape! Find a room in your home that is a similar size, then compare it.

House Plan
Remember to consider room sizes! Measure the rooms in your current home to get an idea of your ideal dimensions.

Making Adjustments to Your Plan

You may have found a house plan that seems almost perfectly in line with what you’re looking for. But, you want to make a few changes to get it just right. If this is the case, you can find an architect to make the final changes.

If you do intend to hire an architect to make the changes you need, come prepared. Be sure to buy your house plan in a digital format that they can then edit. The architect can then make the changes in a manner that allows for house plan approval.

Getting House Plan Approval

After finding the right plan and ensuring it meets your needs, it will need approval. Your local council is usually responsible for approving house plans, so submit your plan to them. Also keep in mind, if you plan to build in a complex or estate, you will need their approval as well.

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